Lesley Suchter MSW, RSW

Lesley Suchter MSW, RSW is a registered therapist with a Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario. Lesley received her certification as a Bereavement Educator as well as her certification in Grief and Trauma Counselling through the University of Toronto/The Canadian Centre for Bereavement Education & Grief Counselling.

Lesley joined The Social Work Consulting Group in 2010 and brings a variety of clinical and medical social work experience working with children, adults and families both in individual counselling and group settings. Lesley shares the group’s passion for working with individuals adjusting to life altering injuries including acquired brain, spinal cord and orthopedic injuries. Lesley provides therapeutic interventions in relation to adaptation to injury, loss and grief, and helping individuals develop tools and skills required to face the challenges living with their injuries and associated trauma.

Prior to joining The Social Work Consulting Group Lesley worked in the social work department at The Hospital for Sick Children and The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Neuro-Cognitive Stream.

Lesley continues to stay involved in community programming and facilitates support groups through the Brain Injury Society of Toronto.