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Kevin Zeilig, Hons. BSc. MSW, RSW

Kevin completed a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Psychology from the University of Toronto and a Master of Social Work Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2004. Prior to joining The Social Work Consulting Group early in 2021, Kevin worked in the Mental Health and Addictions program at the Humber River Hospital in Toronto for many years and later at CAMH in the new, publicly funded: Ontario Psychotherapy program.

Kevin has been passionate about the provision psychotherapy for almost his whole career providing this important intervention, mainly in a mental health context. He has trained extensively in the Cognitive Behavioural approach, along with being well versed and trained in the work of Dr. Barry L. Duncan; understanding the importance of drawing out client strengths, resources and resiliencies and other “client factors,” in addition to critical importance of the therapeutic alliance, that contribute to positive outcomes for clients through psychotherapy.

“Growing up with parents who worked in the healthcare sector, helping other human beings has always been a priority and personal goal for me, which has led me naturally into the field of social work. My religious beliefs also contribute strongly to this mandate and provide me with the passion and impetus to do the work that I do as a social worker. I have also long been interested in mental health and the treatment of mental illness via psychotherapy. I am grateful to be with The Social Work Consulting Group and the opportunity to work with people who have experienced the trauma of a motor vehicle collision, to help them find their will and inner strength to deal with their difficult experiences and attempt to move towards recovery.”